Personal Training

PERSONAL TRAINING @ Fitness Revolution

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and have different lifestyle requirements, people want different results from a workout which a trainer can help you to achieve.

Maybe you’ve been training for a while and you have your eye set on a specific goal and need a program designed specifically for your goals. You might need extra support with a highly personalised approach to training. Our Personal Trainers at Fitness Revolution offers that and much more…

How will Personal Training @ Fitness Revolution Benefit You?

  1. Accountability – Knowing that your personal trainer is helping you take responsibility for your goals.
  2. Structure – Having appointments with your personal trainer ensures you exercise on a regular basis.
  3. Results – Your personal trainer is experienced in delivering results, so you make the most of your workout time.
  4. Variety – By keeping your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track.
  5. Motivation – Let your Personal Trainer help you through the natural highs and lows of life and hence your workouts.
  6. Progression – As you achieve your goals, new ones will appear. Your Personal Trainer will be there to guide you to the next level.
  7. A Training Buddy – Yours Personal Trainer is devoted to you and cares about your results. They are there for you.

Personal Training is a great option for you if you’re after a high level of support and a personalised approach to training and guidance. Each session is designed specifically for you and allows you to build rapport with a Personal Trainer who understands your goals and what it takes to get you there. Personal Training provides a highly personalised approach covering both the programming and training components required to ensure efficient, safe and effective results.

Contact a Fitness Revolution Personal Trainer Today

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Ruby Fitzgerald (RF Fitness): 0491154990

Ashley Cottrill (Saltash Collective): 0411288759